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Fabulous Birthday Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

The man in your life may not “need” anything, but he still deserves a birthday treat.

When his birthday rolls around, the man in your life may not be as, um, articulate as you’d be when sharing a wish list. But even if he seems to “have it all,” he should have at least one special, personally selected gift of jewelry from you — or more!

Looking put-together isn’t just for the ladies

Men are catching up with women when it comes to caring about fashion and choosing each day’s clothing with an eye toward making a statement. They’re spending more time and money than ever before on personal grooming and, yes, plastic surgery. So, it makes sense that they’d be equally interested in accessorizing their wardrobes. For the guy who has everything, jewelry is like icing on the cake.

If your idea of men’s jewelry is stuck in the era of chunky gold chains displayed on a lush field of chest hair, you’ll be happy to discover the wide range of modern styles available to suit every taste. So, that’s where you should start your shopping — by defining your guy’s personal style and finding pieces that will be a natural complement. Trying to force something unfamiliar or radically different on him probably hasn’t gone well for you in the past, and isn’t a good way to approach men’s jewelry, either.

Which kind of guy is yours?

Whether he’s hip and fashion-forward or an understated business-casual type, the right piece of jewelry can accentuate cutting-edge style or subtly add an extra bit of refinement.

  • On top of trends: He reads GQ to stay updated, loves a designer label and isn’t afraid to push the style envelope. Bracelets in leather, beaded or with nautical designs are in fashion magazines, blogs and on the runways. An engraved dog tag on a ball chain or leather necklace is also a classic look that’s having a fashion revival. Watches in an Art Deco or retro style are also a great idea.
  • The bold and confident: He’s successful and prefers the best of everything. He doesn’t care to follow fads, is self-assured about his appearance and invests in quality. Nothing’s better for the traditionalist than a high-end watch. You can choose a luxury, dressy timepiece on a leather band or get him a feature-rich dive or sports watch with a metal bracelet.
  • The reserved minimalist: He isn’t looking to draw attention to himself. He sticks to the classics and wants the result to look polished and coordinated. He may have to wear a suit during the week or he may do it because he wants to. Cuff links have made a real comeback lately, with designs ranging from the whimsical to the abstract. They also come in different precious metals, with or without gemstones, and are a great way for your guy to express his personality without making a big deal of it.
  • Just a regular guy: He’s got everything except fashion flair, but that’s what he’s got you for, right? Tread lightly and be realistic about what he’ll wear and what’s going to look natural with his preferred wardrobe. A chain necklace makes a simple statement on its own or can be paired with a tasteful pendant, such as a religious symbol accented with diamonds.
  • Breaking all the molds: If your guy lives in a category all his own, your best move might be to go the custom route. Lots of jewelry designers will work with you to come up with the one-of-a-kind ring, cuff links, pendant or whatever it is that captures his unique spirit. Be aware that custom-made jewelry can be quite expensive, depending on the designer and the materials used.


When it’s time to wish a happy birthday to the guy who’s got it all, the best gifts are the ones that show how well you know him personally. With men’s jewelry coming into its own, you’ll have plenty to choose from and can present him with a special trinket that says, “You thought you had everything before, but now you really do!” 

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