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Diamond Jewelry as a Gift at the Holidays: A Buying Guide

Make the holidays even more twinkly and bright by giving her diamond jewelry. Learn how to choose the piece and the style she’ll love.

So many things about diamonds are perfect for the holidays: their frosty sparkle harboring a warm fire within; the twinkle they bring to a hand, a wrist, a neckline; and the festive feeling she has when wearing them. There’s no better feeling than when a loved one opens a beautifully wrapped package and her eyes glow brighter than the diamond jewelry within.

Adorning a wife or girlfriend with jewelry is a time-honored tradition, and there is perhaps no more welcome or treasured gift than diamonds. When choosing a gift of diamonds for the holidays, there are many things to consider: her preference for jewelry types, the things she already has in her jewelry box, personalization and the meaning these types of gifts have. 

Below you will find help navigating the waters of choosing a diamond holiday gift: how to determine her style, the types of jewelry that make the best gifts, and which things she’ll like the best. If you are planning to thrill her like never before this season and give her a gift of diamonds, then start here for guidance.


Simple diamond studs  are something that fits into every woman’s  wardrobe, weekdays and weekends, no matter what her style is. Available at many price points, all you have to do is decide carat weight, cut, quality and metal, and you have a gift that virtually any woman with pierced ears would be thrilled to receive. They’re equally at home at work and at play.

If she already owns diamond studs, or if her taste tends to be a little more feminine or elaborate, look for diamond drop earrings. Drops come either as a stud or wire style earring for pierced ears (as well as either style in a clip-on), and often feature a pear-shaped diamond in a more elaborate setting. Hoops are another popular style that can go from dressy to sporty depending on her outfit. 


A diamond necklace makes a holiday gift she’ll treasure always. For something simple, there’s a solitaire pendant and a separate chain to hang it from. Again, cut, size, quality and metal will be your decisions. For the more fashion-forward female, there’s a large selection of diamond necklaces that will appeal to her trendy side — perfect if she has the diamond “basics” covered in her jewelry wardrobe. From diamond-encrusted pendants featuring her name or a meaningful word such as “love” or “faith,” to charms with significant motifs such as a cross, Star of David, four-leaf clover, heart or her initial, the selection is endless. Choose something that has meaning for you both for an especially romantic gift. 


A diamond bracelet is something she can see all day long as she wears it, reminding her of you and your thoughtful gift-giving ways! A simple bangle set with with one or more diamonds in her preferred metal makes a wonderful addition to a stack of bracelets on her arm — with the added benefit of looking great on its own, too.

Diamond tennis bracelets are a perennial favorite and come in carat weights and qualities to fit almost any budget. For the woman who likes to dress up on occasion, an elaborate filigree cuff will fill the bill for a theater opening-night performance or a leisurely meal at her favorite four-star restaurant.


If you’re already engaged or married, giving a diamond ring she can wear in addition to her bridal jewelry (either on her left or right hand) is a no-brainer. A diamond ring style that’s a bit more trendy or fashion-forward than her bridal jewelry makes a very welcome gift.

Consider choosing a diamond ring accented by color gemstones to add some flair to her jewelry wardrobe. A right-hand ring with a flower design (if she loves fancier designs) or a simple, square-cut stone in a bezel setting (if she likes more minimal styles) will be something she’ll want to show off every day of the week.

If you’re not married or engaged, tread carefully in ring territory. She may be hoping for an engagement ring, and you don’t want to have an awkward explanation of “No, it’s not that kind of ring,” be what marks this season.

No matter her style or your budget, there’s a special piece of diamond jewelry that will make this holiday season one to remember.

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