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Choose the Perfect Jewelry Gift for a 21st Birthday

The 21st birthday firmly plants someone in adulthood. Give a gift that will jumpstart a jewelry or watch collection and flatter the celebrant’s personal style.

A 21st birthday often conjures images of bar hopping or a first official champagne toast. These are fleeting moments. Twenty-one is also the age of complete and lasting adulthood. Why not celebrate it with a gift that will last a lifetime?

By now, most young adults have been at least partially on their own for a few years, and are looking squarely at taking charge of their own futures. Personal tastes and style (Does the celebrant favor whimsical or subdued? Muted colors or vibrant hues?) are increasingly apparent by a 21st birthday, so keep this in mind when selecting a fine jewelry gift to mark the occasion.

Jewelry gifts to celebrate a woman’s 21st birthday

Now that she’s firmly planted in adulthood, give your celebrant a jumpstart on her classic jewelry wardrobe:

Special birthstone piece

Some young women already have a piece of fine birthstone jewelry by the time they turn 21, but others don’t. Or maybe she has earrings but would love a necklace to complete a set. Depending on her style, a pair of understated stud earrings, a solitaire stone necklace or even a simple ring would be a treasured birthstone staple for years to come.

Pendant necklace

The right pendant necklace will be a steady fixture in any young woman’s wardrobe, and can last her for decades to come. If she has a traditional bent, stick with classics like a small solitaire diamond or other gemstone in a simple setting. If she prefers more flair, look for a unique setting and a gemstone in a vibrant hue.

Diamond solitaire earrings

This one’s a classic. They work equally well with a cocktail dress as with business-casual attire … or yoga pants. Better yet, they pair well with just about any necklace or neckline.

Gemstone ring

A gemstone ring is the perfect gift if you want to customize for the celebrant’s unique style. Rings come in a wide range of styles and price points, depending on the setting and the stone quality. Choose anything from an uncomplicated, elegant mode to a big flash of color in a non-traditional setting.


Bracelets are like bonus jewelry. They are both classic and carefree, and while a woman will rarely feel naked without one, she will certainly feel more polished and dressed with one — or a few — adorning her wrist. Depending on the celebrant’s style, choose from a stack of slim bangles to a stand-alone statement piece to a classic diamond tennis bracelet or anything in between.

Pearl necklace

Pearls give you some fantastic options. If the birthday girl’s style is more conservative, opt for a traditional single or double strand necklace. If she’s looking to augment her pearl collection or if her tastes veer toward the contemporary, consider a single pearl on a chain or even a pearl drop pendant. Customize even more by choosing from a variety of different colors. That’s right: pearls don’t just come in white!


While the watch has all but lost its traditional function of telling time (just check your smartphone), it still serves a classic fashion function and will infuse any outfit with the wearer’s own personal style. Choose from leather or metal bands and a variety of face styles — not to mention embellishments — to find a watch that truly matches the birthday girl or guy’s newfound adult style, and is built to last through a good chunk of adulthood.

No matter what jewelry gift you choose to acknowledge a 21st birthday, it will be a fitting marker for the occasion and, with the right attention to individual style, will be treasured and worn for years to come.

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