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Birthday Gifts from Dads to Daughters

Mark the passage of time as daddy’s little girl celebrates her special day.

You knew it had to happen some time — your little princess is all grown up. It seems like just yesterday you were buying her diapers and onesies; now she’s into makeup and clothes and may even have kids of her own.

But as much as you’d hoped to keep your daughter small enough to stay at your side forever, you love seeing her mature into her own woman, too. The father-daughter relationship is like no other, and nothing can capture the closeness and uniqueness of your bond like jewelry. It’s the perfect grown-up gift to delight girls of all ages.

Show her she’s special

Your first decision is what type of jewelry your daughter might like and how it will fit in with the rest of her wardrobe and jewelry collection. If you haven’t been paying attention, now’s the time for a crash course in daughterly style! Observe what pieces she already tends to wear. Does she put a great deal of thought into her outfits each day and select from a wide array of accessories to match? Or is her taste more basic and limited to wearing a few cherished jewelry pieces? Does she love to pile on the bling or is she more of a jeans-and-sweater gal?

If she’s already well stocked with rings, for example, you might opt to mix things up with a bracelet or necklace. Or it might be that she absolutely loves rings and can never have enough.

We understand that it can be tough shopping for women and anticipating what they’ll like. Jewelry makes a big statement, and you want to get it right. But whether it’s earrings or bangles, pendants or brooches, it’s all about your daughter’s personal taste, lifestyle and comfort. Start with the person, then narrow the types of jewelry that seem like a fit.

Which most sounds like your daughter? Is she ...

  • The on-the-go career daughter: If your daughter is a professional who spends her days at the office, she may have more opportunity to wear traditional or conservative styles that are appropriate with business attire. One suggestion: a beautiful wristwatch that combines practical utility with the eye-catching glamour of fine jewelry.
  • The fashionista daughter: This daughter wouldn’t be caught dead in last year’s trends and spends considerable time and effort assembling outfits that capture her fashion flair. You can pick up ideas by going online to fashion sites or flipping through magazines to see what’s hot, like bold cuff bracelets or rose-gold stacking rings.  
  • The busy-mom daughter: For the daughter who’s also a mom, bracelets and pendant necklaces with charms personalized to her family and interests make great gifts she can update with more trinkets for years to come. She’ll think of you each time she adds a new charm!
  • The sporty daughter: Just because she’s more hiking boots than stilettos, your active and outdoorsy daughter might still like a shiny bauble. Consider thicker chains that can withstand some wear and tear and are less prone to tangling, or simple stud earrings rather than dangling styles that can snag on hair or clothing.


But let’s face it — most women don’t fit a single profile, and your daughter’s personal taste might be a complete mystery. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of stud earrings featuring diamonds or her birthstone. The truth is that any birthday gift of jewelry from you, her dear old dad, will have lots of sentimental value. You’ll probably want to have some tissues on hand at the birthday party! 

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