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40th Birthday Jewelry Gift Ideas

Tips on how to find the perfect gift for a 40th birthday.

By the time they reach 40, most people have defined their middle-adulthood path. Many have walked down the aisle and formed families. Many have etched out a career, created a strong spiritual life or undertaken artistic endeavors. And many have done all of these, and then some. Point being: chances are strong this is a person who knows her or himself.

When buying a jewelry gift for a 40th birthday, keep in mind both the personal style of the recipient (buttoned-up and traditional or artsy and carefree, to name a couple) and the person she or he is. Does she spend her days in the boardroom or at her kids’ schools and the park? Does he work with his hands or in front of a computer? Does she run marathons or does he love to spend summer days at the beach? Maybe you’re turning 40 with your best friend this year — and you both need an excuse to celebrate together.

Enhance the classics

Chances are, by age 40 for many women have many or all of the basics in a classic jewelry wardrobe. Chances are also high she’ll be keen on upgrading a few pieces. Why not give her bigger diamond stud earrings (you can trade up) or swap a simple diamond solitaire necklace for one in a unique setting?

Are pearls her thing? Consider enhancing her pearl collection with an opera-length strand of color pearls or a pearl solitaire on a delicate chain.

Go big with gems

A style-driven color gemstone piece is quickly becoming a classic 40th birthday gift. And with good reason: a 40-year-old’s personal style has never shown more clearly, and it’s likely she already has many of the classic jewelry items. Turning 40 is a great occasion to pick a gemstone based on her favorite color, not her birth month. Just be sure to set it the way she’ll wear it.

Stick with simple stud earrings or a small gemstone ring for someone who wants to keep things low-maintenance, and would prefer to move from the boardroom or playground to a cocktail party wearing the same personalized jewelry.

For the woman who likes to change her jewelry every time she changes her outfit, consider stylized drop earrings or a big, statement-making gemstone ring or necklace.

Focus on family

Many parents have completed their families by age 40. This makes it a perfect year to gift a fine piece of Mother’s jewelry. Consider a ring or simple necklace set with the birthstone of each child or a pendant necklace showcasing each child’s name or initials and birth year on an individual charm. Depending on her style, personalize it even more by choosing a pendant necklace in the shape of a heart or angel; then set each child’s birthstone in the pendant. Open Hearts by Jane Seymour, for example, can be customized with birthstones and engraving a message for an unbeatable combination of personalization.

Provide personal inspiration

Does your birthday celebrant respond more to words of wisdom than to images of beauty? A piece of message jewelry might be the perfect gift.

Affirmation jewelry or jewelry with motivational words or sayings such as “believe,” “live” or “love” engraved on them, are the epitome of message jewelry. Depending on her personal style, choose a bracelet, pendant necklace or simple band ring with a fitting word engraved.

Tender a timekeeper

Despite the proliferation of smartphone time-tellers, a fine watch is still an ideal way to complete an outfit. Men and women alike celebrating their 40th years will appreciate this functional way to spice up an outfit. Designs range from classic to sporty to gemstone-enhanced. Visit our Watch Buying Guide and keep the recipient’s style in mind when choosing the perfect timepiece.

With the right attention to personal style and overall personality, the jewelry gift you choose to acknowledge a 40th birthday will be a fitting marker for the occasion.

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