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Wedding Gifts: From Groom to Bride

Show her your love and commitment.

In traditional weddings, it’s customary for the bride and groom to give each other gifts. Of course, this practice can be adjusted to fit the taste and style of any couple, whether you’re planning an elaborate celebration, eloping in Vegas or having a quiet ceremony with immediate family.

The idea behind bridal gifts isn’t to make a big deal or spend a lot of money on your betrothed — although you can certainly do that. Rather, this gift exchange is intended as a token of love and affection, a private moment in the midst of the bigger celebration shared with family and friends.

Let your bride’s personality be your guide, and choose a bridal gift that shows you know her better than anyone else and can’t wait to spend your life together.

Make it sweet

A heartfelt gift doesn’t have to empty your wallet. You can take something low- or no-cost and make it special just by adding your personal touch. For example, she’ll treasure a handwritten card or poem for a lifetime just because it came from you. If you’ve got the skills, write a song for her and even perform it at the wedding reception. You could also use your tech skills to put together a video about your relationship with a soundtrack featuring “your” songs.

Another inexpensive option is a picture frame engraved with your wedding date to hold a photo of the two of you, perhaps from the early stages of your relationship or a memorable time when you realized you’d each found your soul mate. There are also lots of items you can personalize with her name and/or “Mrs.” such as pajamas, champagne glasses, tote bags, bathrobes, wine charms and much more.

Irreverent & fun

There’s no law that says your bridal gift has to be serious or sentimental. Feel free to find inspiration in a private joke, favorite TV show or band or hometown sports team. A jersey from her favorite team with her married name on the back makes a great gift that she’ll wear with pride — or you could splurge for season tickets so you’ve got date nights lined up from the start! You can also get her something to help her enjoy her hobbies and pastimes that may be more indulgent than she’d get for herself, such as a fancy digital bike tachometer or handcrafted guitar.

Real-world experiences

Not all gifts come in wrapped boxes. Examples of “experience” gifts include things like a spa weekend, one-on-one golf or tennis instruction at a specialty resort, hot air ballooning, cooking classes — whatever she’d say to complete the sentence: “I’ve always wanted to try _____.” Present a small charm depicting that activity for her to wear around her neck or on a charm bracelet to introduce the idea. It’ll serve as a keepsake later.

You can also get her something to help her enjoy your honeymoon, whether that means a bikini and beach towel or a digital camera and passport holder. If your honeymoon is a beach vacation, seashell or starfish earrings will remind her of it always. Going on a cruise? Anchor-themed jewelry will fit the bill. A great piece of luggage also makes a thoughtful and practical gift if you and your bride plan to do a lot of traveling together in your married life.

Precious keepsakes

A classic bridal gift is jewelry for her to wear on the wedding day itself — perhaps just at the reception, if her gown for walking down the aisle is already accessorized to perfection. A gorgeous strand of pearls or a pair of diamond earrings are both timeless choices that she will cherish long after the ceremony. Alternately, it can be quite moving for a bride to receive a piece of heirloom jewelry on the day your families officially join together.

Personal inscriptions really make wedding gifts complete. You can engrave your initials, your wedding date or another message inside rings, on watchcases, on pendants and charms or on a jewelry box made of precious metal. You can’t get much more personal than a photo locket with your picture inside and a message of love engraved on the outside.

Exchanging gifts with your spouse-to-be is a sweet way to add something extra special just between the two of you. The real gift you’ll be giving your bride on the big day is your heart. 

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