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Wedding Gifts: From Bride to Groom

A gift for your groom celebrates your love on an intimate level.

It’s a long-standing tradition for the bride and groom to exchange gifts shortly before their wedding day. These gifts are meant to symbolize your love and commitment to each other in a cozier, more private way than the wedding vows you’ll exchange and party you’ll dance at in front of family and friends.

First, like any tradition, just because it exists doesn’t mean you need to follow it. Talk with your fiancé first to make sure you’re both on the same page about a gift exchange. If you are, make sure you both agree on what sort of gift — including price range —you’ll choose to celebrate your commitment in a more private way.

When choosing a gift to give your groom, keep in mind it doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. What matters is that it’s personal and meaningful, celebrating your lifelong commitment to each other and the special person that he is.


Traditional gifts for the groom are classic and lasting, but highly personal when you choose something he’ll use and treasure for years to come. Consider your groom’s personal style, favorite pastimes and daily habits, and consider these ideas:

  • Classic watch, engraved on back
  • Personalized cufflinks, engraved with a special saying or your wedding date
  • Engraved sterling silver picture frame
  • Engraved money clip or metal wallet
  • Nicely bound edition of his favorite book, or if you can find it, a first edition
  • Leather desk set
  • Handkerchiefs embroidered with your wedding date, names or initials
  • Engraved desk clock


Do you have a hard time picturing your groom using engraved cufflinks or an embroidered handkerchief? Plenty of couples opt for non-traditional yet equally meaningful gifts:

  • Tickets to a favorite sporting event or theatrical performance
  • Reservations at a favorite restaurant — or one with special meaning to your history together
  • A favorite photo (either of just you or the two of you) in a frame
  • Personalized set of beer mugs or wine glasses — consider having them engraved with your names and wedding date
  • Engraved flask
  • Personalized wine stopper — or one with a special meaning.
  • Inscribed moleskin notebook for him to sketch in or jot down his thoughts

Savor the wait

If you and your groom enjoy fine red wine, consider heading to a favorite wine seller and purchasing a high-end bottle that will mature over the next decade or two. Port, Bordeaux and Cabernet all do well with age. Create a beautiful tag that says, “Not to be opened before [year];” then savor the wait as your marriage matures along with the wine. Be sure to research proper storage for wine you plan to keep for a number of years.

Simple & sweet

You don’t need to spend a dime to create a gift that’s full of meaning and will be treasured for years to come. If words are your thing, write a special poem or a simple letter expressing your love and commitment on a more intimate level. Do you draw or paint? Create a meaningful picture and have it framed to hang on a wall. Or pack up a picnic basket full of his favorite food and drinks and head to a private spot at the beach or a nearby park.

Whether you stick with tradition or carve out your own idea for your groom’s gift, what matters is that it comes from the heart and expresses your love and commitment in a way that means something to you as a couple.

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