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Did I Choose the Right Engagement Ring?

Will you know that the engagement ring you choose is the right one? Use our checklist for knocking it out of the park.

If you’re a guy who’s about to propose marriage, this question has got to be echoing in your head right about now: How do I know I chose the right engagement ring?

When you pop the question, you want to make sure the setting is romantic and special, that the day or evening goes perfectly and that everything you’ve planned for that special moment will be just right. But most of all, you want to be sure that when she opens that little box, her eyes will shine as much as the dazzling symbol of love she is gazing upon.

Choosing the perfect ring is one of the most important steps you’ll take on your journey to your wedding day. Some women’s tastes are so specific they would rather choose their own ring (and if you’re dating her, you probably already know it!). But many women want to believe that their guy knows them so well he’ll be able to effortlessly pick out just the ring she would have chosen herself — the ring she has been dreaming of.

When will you know you’ve done a great job, and that your ring will be the one she has always wanted? Here is a handy checklist for making sure you are a ring rock star.

You know it’s the right style

  • You’ve paid attention to her tastes in general.
  • You’ve snooped around her Pinterest boards and kept an eye on her Facebook feed.
  • You know what’s in her jewelry box — what she wears every day with all of her outfits from casual to dressy, and what she hardly ever takes out.
  • You browse through her magazines when she’s not looking, and you’ve duly made note of any hints she may have given, whether they are overt or subtle.
  • You know if she prefers gold or platinum, modern or traditional. In short, you know her tastes inside and out.

You know it will fit

When you slip that ring on her finger, it will be one of the most special moments in your life together. Don’t you want it to slip on effortlessly? A perfect fit, just like the two of you. There are a few different ways to make sure that you buy her engagement ring in exactly her size. If you get a chance to get to her jewelry box when she isn’t looking, you can either “borrow” a ring to take to the jewelry store with you (if you love being sneaky and want the most accuracy), or, you can slip one of her rings on your finger and take note of where it stops. Also, be sure to check out this ring-sizing tool.

You’re confident that the diamond is big enough

The size of an engagement ring stone depends on several things:

Her taste

Everything here comes back to what your bride-to-be likes. Have you heard her mention whether she prefers the subtler look of a smaller stone, or has she admired rings with large stones on her friends or on celebrities?

Her lifestyle

If she is athletic or otherwise very active, a large stone just may not be practical. Is this something she will wear 24/7? Or will she take it off for certain activities?

Remember, if stone size is very important to your bride-to-be, then you may have to prioritize other characteristics of the diamond (such as color or clarity).

You spent just the right amount of money

The traditional method of deciding how much to spend on a ring is tied to your salary — a ring costing as much as three months’ pay used to be the rule of thumb. Times have changed, though.

You naturally want to look at how much you can really afford. Are you able to finance a ring? Are you and your fiancée-to-be already living together and sharing expenses? Are you budgeting for other expenses such as buying a home? Some women just wouldn’t feel comfortable with an outrageously priced ring. Do your research, do some window shopping, and set a budget for an amount you are comfortable with.

Remember, get to know her tastes and take your time choosing a ring. If you follow these simple tips, you’re sure to choose a ring that is just as special and long-lasting as your marriage.

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