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Having a Winter Holiday Wedding

While most people think about popping the question during the holidays, have you thought about a wedding?

It’s a little unconventional, but there are a lot of reasons to consider throwing a wedding into the holiday mix. The whole world seems like it’s already decorated and beautifully lit, families are together and people are in the mood to celebrate.

You’ll also set yourself apart — did you know, according to The Knot, June and September are the most popular months to get married? While December sees the most engagements, winter weddings are barely a blip in the stats. Break from the norm!

Home for the holidays

If your family is scattered around the country — or maybe the world — the holiday season may be the one time of year when everyone’s gathered in the same ZIP code. Take advantage of the time. Many people who travel home for the holidays are off work, though some may be putting in time virtually, making it the perfect time to host a wedding.

Also realize, though, that if your friends are in similar circumstances, they may not be able to make it to your wedding if family pressure is strong. That’s where planning in advance comes in. Give them enough time and they’ll be more likely to swing it.

Look ahead

In major metro areas, it’s pretty common to plan your wedding two to three years ahead to get your dream venue, caterer, photographer, band or DJ lined up and locked down regardless of the time of year. But the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is already busy for hospitality vendors booking big work parties and other events. So no matter where you are or wish to have your wedding, give yourself time.

The wedding itself

So you’re set on a holiday wedding and all the details are covered. When planning your décor, favors and gifts, take advantage of what the season gives you. In the Northern Hemisphere, daylight is short and nights are long, so think about lighting. String lights, candles or a venue with a fireplace will set a warm, romantic tone.

Many public spaces have already gone over the top with decorations, so work to accent that with seasonal touches like red or white flowers, natural arrangements using pine boughs and cones. Consider incorporating the colors of your flowers or bridesmaid dresses if it works with the other décor.

When selecting gifts for your wedding party, look to the season. A pendant, earrings or bracelet with a snowflake motif is perfect for those of you getting married in colder climes. A winter white topaz pendant sets a mood and is versatile enough to span every season. You can also play with the dominant reds and greens of the holidays and choose jewelry in those colors, like rubies and red garnets or emerald and green tourmaline.

Money saving tip: like many other stores during the holidays, jewelry vendors have special sales including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and various other markdowns and  online deals. Taking advantage of these sales to purchase your bridal party gifts will save you time and money in the long run. Happy holidays to YOU!

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