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From the Bride & Groom: Gifts for Your Parents

After months of planning, they’ve gotten you here. Say “thank you” for everything.

While your wedding is about the two of you officially and legally getting married, it also serves as a milestone for others in your lives. Second only to the two of you in starting a new life, your parents are stepping into new territory, too. Think about it: they cared for you as a baby, child and young adult. Even if you’ve been living on your own — and maybe together — for years, your wedding is concrete proof that you are now building a family of your own.

So it’s probably a bittersweet moment for your parents. And one marking passages for all of you. It’s an incredibly thoughtful time for a gift for your parents — thanking them for helping you get here and reassuring that you’ll always be a part of them.

How many?

For the sake of brevity, we’re just going to talk about “parents” here, keeping in mind the modern family doesn’t always resemble what came before. You may have one parent in your life, the traditional two or additional step-parents. Only you know who has “been there,” but also try to include a little something for all your parent-figures. Be inclusive!

What to give

Many couples order special wedding books as gifts for their parents as part of the photography package. One way to add a personal touch to that is to get a picture from their past (their wedding portrait or a picture of you and them when you were little), frame it and take a special photo with it while you’re in your wedding clothes. You can either include it in their version of the book or get a copy and frame it. Pick a beautiful frame, and engrave it with something special.

Some couples like to treat their parents to a special dinner out or a weekend getaway after the excitement of the wedding has ebbed. Depending on how involved they’ve been, they might need as much of a rest as you do! Consider a weekend trip to a nearby winery or a little getaway in your city’s downtown area.

Make it a memory

Special keepsakes you give them to wear on your wedding day are also sure to melt their hearts.

For moms, jewelry is a beautiful way to let them know you care. A locket with a picture of you as a child on one side and one of you today is a lovely gift. For other jewelry choices, engraving is key — a necklace can be inscribed with a favorite saying, a simple “I love you” or the date. Shop many styles of personalized and engravable jewelry at Kay Jewelers or Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry. It'll be a special jewelry piece they'll remember forever. 

For dads, monogrammed or engraved cuff links will lend a personal air to his formalwear or suit. A new watch with a message engraved will also thank him and become a treasured memory.

For both parents, especially for those who easily show emotion, consider a personalized handkerchief. Include a special note and perhaps the date of your wedding. They can use it to dry their happy tears during the ceremony and throughout the special day.

Whichever route you choose to go, either small or big, your parents are sure to appreciate that you thought about them even with everything else going on. They’ve done a lot to mold you into the person you’ve become, and this day will be just as special to them as it is to you.

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