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Bridesmaids’ Jewelry to Suit Your Party

Just because they’re all in the wedding party doesn’t mean they’re the same. Feel free to mix and match bridesmaids’ jewelry.

One of the biggest (and best) departures from wedding traditions in the past few years has been the move toward different styles of bridesmaid’s dresses within the same wedding party. The bride picks a color (and sometimes a material), and her attendants can each choose a dress that suits them —their style, their comfort and their body type.  

Think about doing that when picking bridesmaid’s jewelry. Why does everyone have to get the same design or piece of jewelry? They don’t, any more than they have to wear the same dress style. If you’re the bride, ask your attendants how they feel about it — they’ll probably love the idea. And if you’re a bridesmaid, you might want to suggest it to the bride — or just send her a link here! With everything else they’re trying to get planned, most brides will welcome any suggestions that make their wedding planning easier. Although, be careful not to step on the bride’s toes and don’t be offended if she shoots down your idea. It’s her special day, after all, and she may already have a set picture in her mind of how she wants everyone to look.

From classic to modern

There are jewelry gifts for bridesmaids that remain timeless (and easy). A monogrammed yellow gold pendant, for instance, or a single pearl pendant or gemstone in one of your wedding colors will complement a formal dress well.

The modern spin would be a single initial on the pendant— each one representing the first name initial of every person in your party. You can also play on the trend of layering necklaces — two or more, with different pendants at the same or different lengths.

Also think about the fashion trends in jewelry. We’ve been seeing a lot of geometric shapes — linked squares or triangles in different colors of gold look a little more on-trend and your bridal party is sure to wear them for more than just your wedding. Having a lasting piece of jewelry is a wonderful gift to thank them for their friendship.

Something different

Just as no dress style is perfect for everyone, maybe your jewelry gifts should be selected specifically for each individual in your wedding party. Maybe one of your attendants favors earrings but usually lets her neck go bare, while another would never think of not wearing a necklace and another loves bracelets. Also keep in mind what the dress style is or if everyone’s picked a different design. Hair styles are also a clue — if someone’s got a short cut or longer hair that will be put up, earrings may be a great gift.

There are ways to keep things coordinated but not matching. Pick a gem color and use it in a mix of necklaces, earrings or bracelets for a colorblocking effect. You can also pick a theme, such as geometrics or nature-inspired like flowers or leaves, and mix that for each of your bridesmaids. You can also play with metal colors or finishes to create a cohesive look that’s still individualized for each of these very special people.

It’s your special day — have fun with this part of your wedding planning! Let you or your wedding party’s creative and fashion sensibilities show. You’ll all look stunning.

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